Drake’s Discusses Beef with Meek Mill

Drake has finally spoken out on his beef with Meek Mill last night in the U.K. It’s been a while since the beef that wrecked Meek’s career happened, yet the wound has opened back up and the facts from Drake’s side is now known.

During his interview he touched on the Grammy’s and why he was glad he didn’t attend them and racism in the entertainment industry. Dj Semtex wasn’t going to let him off that easy though without asking about Quintin Miller and the Meek Mill incident.

Drake says it came out of nowhere. He saw that Meek claimed it was about the Canadian rapper neglecting to post his album in support. Yet Drake knows it wasn’t that which ignited the war. He called it “an impulsive decision to make,” but Meek wasn’t ready.

“I thought it was three months in the making,” says Drake, he didn’t know who was going to hop on a diss track with Meek. But after dropping charged up he saw Meek wasn’t ready and realized he had to attack. “A true champion” told him he had to drop something that meek mill could never die down and he did that with “Back to back,” a club classic.

“It hurt and I wanted it to hurt,” he claims, “I respect revenge when it’s warranted, and that was warranted.” Drake felt like the beef needed a response because it created a narrative about him not creating his own music. He knows anyone who sits down in the studio with him knows he is one of the best writers out there, but it was a big deal because it wasn’t the truth. His work with Quintin Miller was a collaborative work.

When describing how he conducted himself throughout he said, “My biggest focus, the entire time, was I can’t disrespect Nicki Minaj…… I just used wit and great writing.” He didn’t forget to add, “You can interview Meek and ask him if he thinks it was worth it, I bet he’ll  say no.”

Listen to the full interview here:


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