Kodak Black Releases Politically Charged New Video

Known for his mumble rap and extensive criminal record, Kodak Black has received some negative publicity recently. He’s claimed he is the best rapper alive and dissed well-known and successful, Lil Wayne. Most recently he was arrested in Atlanta and released later in December. Yet, knowing all of this had the Florida based rapper made a change?

He hasn’t only switched up his hair this year, but has also dropped a politically fueled music video for his new song “Tunnel Vision.” In the song he raps about his enemies wanting to see him dead or locked up and his mother’s wise words to remain focused. 

It tells a story of two men in conflict: one white, one black. The white man is driving down the road in a pick up truck wearing a play on Trump’s hat which reads, “Make America Hate Again” and a jean vest with the confederate flag. Kodak is also in the video rapping in front of burning crosses with two others. 

As the white guy makes his way down the road he notices the black man doing yard work, gets out his car, and takes aim with his rifle. Yet, right as he is about to shoot,  his gun won’t fire and the black man charged at him in defense and anger. They scuffle and fight until a young girl yells “stop,” catching both of their attention. 

It’s clear Kodak changed up his normal vibe, at least long enough to show where he stands and his view on things going on right now in America. He has received close to 7 million views in only three days and has gained the attention of many. 

What do you think about his new song and the video for “Tunnel Vision?” Are we about to see a change in Kodak Black and the rest of his work?
Watch the video here:

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