Future’s New Album: Better Than The Last

Future released his second album in 2 weeks today (Feb. 24th) and it is completely different than last weeks self titled album, Future

Last week his album couldn’t be described as mainstream, yet still contained some major hits. Fan favorites are Draco and Rent Money, in my opinion I’m So Groovy is the best track on the list.  He already has two music videos for songs Poppin Tags and Draco as well.
Somehow, even with all of that hard work, he was able to create a second album titled HNDRXX. It only makes sense. Future HNDRXX ….. get it?
Anyways, unlike last weeks album, this one has two features. The Weeknd and Rihanna both have features on Comin Out Strong and Selfish, respectively. Yet, he did keep the track lists the same length with 17 songs. 

The content of this album can be described more as mainstream and I also think it had more heart behind it. It even sounds like a message to Ciara. That doesn’t take away from his confident and upbeat album Future, but it does separate the two. In HNDRXX he opens up, talks about personal circumstance, and it resonates more with the listener. 

Overall I enjoy the second album the most, but both are downloaded on Apple Music. Which album is your favorite? Which song stands out most to you? And do you think he is speaking to Ciara?

Stream it below:

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