Trey Songz and Ebro Deny Remy Ma’s Claims on shETHER Diss Track

This week has been crazy with drama and Nicki Minaj is right in the center of it. Two days ago Remy Ma released her comeback to all of Nicki’s subliminal shade, a seven minute diss track called shETHER. She called Nicki out for more than we could handle and name dropped throughout the whole song. 

Two of those people have spoken out since and came to their own defense, denying ever sleeping with Nicki, Trey Songz and Ebro from Hot 97. Both took to Twitter yesterday and people are pretty thrown that Nicki is starting Twitter beef with Trey instead of return a blow to Remy.

Trigga was sure to let the self proclaimed rap queen know that her anger was misdirected and it is! She needs to direct her anger in the studio and we are still waiting.

Those two aren’t the only ones who took to Twitter though. Old Man Ebro was late to respond, one day later, but still had something to say.

Well Ebro called the rumor starter a “nerd,” but Papoose was quick to correct the radio host.

Ebro didn’t deny his earlier excitement over being included in the diss track, he actually continued to ask Papoose when he was bringing Remy on the show.

At at this point it’s up in the air with a he said, she said battle and it all feels irrelevant considering the lack of response from Nicki.

How long is it going to take for her rebuttle? Do you think she is done firing shots?

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