Joey Bada$$ Releases Trailer for New Album ‘All Amerikkkan BadA$$’

Recently, iTunes in New Zealand pre-sales started for Joey’s new album AABA and subsequently we learned of his release date, April 7th. The pre-sales for U.S. won’t be far behind either.


What we do know now is that his long awaited sophomore album will consist of 12 tracks which include already released songs, ‘Devastated’ and ‘Land of the Free’. You can check out his video for ‘Devastated’ below. The video was released August 10th of last year which puts in perspective how long we have been anticipating some new work from the Brooklyn artist.



He has also released a trailer for the new album which includes rural scenes and him smashing a glass american flag.  he says he will be staying on top of this year and by the looks of it, he is starting strong. He has released the cover art for ‘AABA’ as well so the hype is there and now all we have to do is wait. Check out the trailer below:


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