Bankroll Fresh Releases His First Posthumous Album

It’s been a little over a year since the Street Execs rapper left us, yet Bankroll Fresh’s passing doesn’t mean the end of his legacy. Earlier this year he released single “Truth Be Told,” keeping his memory alive, but that’s not all we need to expect from the Atlanta native this year.

According to Bankroll’s mother, Terisa Price, by the end of April we can expect his first posthumous album. It will contain 12 songs, some named by his mother herself. She expects “A Hell Of A Night” to be one of the hottest hits on the track list and says her and the street execs team have been working hard in the studio for the upcoming project.


The album will not be solo and will boast a few features although the featured artists are still unknown to the public.

We should see “In Bank We Trust” available by April 24th, but a date has not been set in stone.

What do you think about his new release? Are you excited for some new music from the much loved rapper? Let me know in the comments below.

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