Young Dolph Shares Release Date and More for Album “Bulletproof”

Young Dolph just released information on his upcoming album and it’s pretty clear he is not only letting his fans know that he is okay, but taunting his assailants from last month’s shooting in Charlotte, NC.

During this past CIAA, Dolph was the target of a shooting in downtown Charlotte where someone shot at him over 100 times. Dolph walked away unharmed, protected by his bulletproof SUV. It seems he thought ahead when it came to that evening.

Many believe, including the Charlotte police, that the shooting was a result of the beef between Memphis rappers Dolph and Yo Gotti. Both of them have been going at it lately and their diss tracks have been aggressive making Gotti’s crew prime suspects in the matter.

Hours after the shooting he tweeted “U Lose,” but that’s not where the taunting stops. Even his cover art is a jab at his enemies. On it he stands in front of a black SUV with hundreds of shell casings at his feet.

That’s not all either. Dolph’s tracklist for his new album is pretty much him letting us know how he feels… He is bulletproof!

He released a single off the album which features Gucci Mane and is titled ‘That’s How I Feel’. You can stream it now on Soundcloud (at the bottom of this post).

The Paper Route artist will be releasing his new album April 1st. Who is ready to hear what Dolph has to say about him cheating death and still standing in the face of his enemies?

Check out the tracklist below:

  1. 100 Shots
  2. in Charlotte
  3. but im bulletproof
  4. so fuk’ em
  5. thats how i feel (feat. Gucci Mane)
  6. im so real
  7. i pray for my enemies
  8. im everything you wanna be
  9. so thats why you envy me
  10. smh



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