Some People Aren’t Too Pleased About Drake’s New Project ‘More Life’

Yesterday was one of the most long awaited days in Hip Hop, not only did Ricky Rozay drop some new heat, but Drake released his latest project since his forth studio album, ‘Views. Now overall the reception of the playlist ‘More Life’ went well, but as always there were ups and downs.
It was first played on OVO radio and Twitter went crazy when they tuned in. Communicating back and forth, going over the lyrics, beats, and features, his followers all had different opinions on whether or not the wait was worth it. Although plenty people thought it was a hit, others complained of the lengthy track list and over use of dancehall beats. There are 22 tracks on the ‘More Life’ playlist which include his hit single ‘Fake Love’. The most common compliment of the album is that it is better than ‘Views’, but how much does that really amount to when it’s agreed that ‘Views’ is his worst project to date?
Young Thug, 2 Chains, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Kanye West, Giggs, Travis Scott, and Quavo are a few of the artists involved in the project. Yet, many were expecting a few more OVO artists to be included. Not only did disappointment stem from that, but some were also confused about Kanye’s involvement due to past beef between the two.
At last years AMA’s Drake kind of threw shade at Yeezy during his acceptance speech and has even thrown some blows over IG. The only thing is, we don’t really know if the beef was totally there or not, Drake often tip toes around the drama, only throwing hints at issues, making the beef undirected and unclear.
He brought out another indirect diss from his arsenal on his 22nd and last song, ‘Do Not Disturb’. Some people think he is throwing shade at Tory Lanez which could be true because these Canadian rappers have both been outspoken about the competition, saying there is only room for one at the top. The song caught my eye for another reason though.
If you listen to the last few bars you’ll hear his questionable lines:
“Take the summer off cause they tell me I need recovery, Maybe gettin’ back to my regular life will humble me, I’ll be back 2018 to give y’all the summary.”
HMMM… What exactly is Drizzy saying here? Is he really about to take some time off from his music to focus on ‘regular’ life?

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