Renzel A.K.A. Rick Ross Is Already Planning The Drop Of His 10th Studio Album

So although we haven’t digested ‘Rather You Than Me’ for even a week, Rick Ross just dropped some major news during his latest radio interview.

Ross dropped this big announcement yesterday during his interview with Papa Keith on Miami’s 103.5 The Beat. Not only did he talk about an upcoming project, but he touched on why he chose the title of his latest album, some of it’s hits, and addresses his beef with Birdman.

His song ‘Idols Into Rivals’, was an obvious diss to the Cash Money CEO, yet it started off kinda funny with Chris Rock featured on the intro. Immediately it got serious as he reflected on his life growing up and seeing Birdman on T.V., thinking how blessed he was. He goes in to talk about when he first started running into him at different events and realizing that Birdman wasn’t all who Ross thought he was.

Keith brought up how it was hard to look at it as a diss though, it seemed more that he was tired of seeing the deceit in the game and all the grimy moves Birdman pulled on his own team. He used the song to display his disappointment and love for him, asking him to find love in his heart for Wanye since he has sacrificed and brought so much to the table for Birdman. Renzel made sure to let us know during the interview if anyone felt some type of way about it, they can “pull up.”


They then talked about the rest of his 10th year in the game. Now that his 9th studio album has been released, we are all wondering what else is to be expected, especially since it is Rozay’s tenth year in the rap game. Well he let us know ‘Rather You Than Me’ isn’t all we can expect from him this year.

He announced, “Im closing out the 10th with the 10th. My 10th album before I close out my 10th year it would be ‘Port of Miami 2: Born To Kill,” saying it was only right to make the announcement in his home town of Miami. The title is a sequel to his 2006 album ‘Port of Miami’. Check out the full interview below and click on the 16 min mark to hear about his upcoming album.

Sheesh Renz, can we finish the excitement from this one before we start to speculate on the next?

What’s your favorite song from his recently dropped album ‘Rather You Than Me’?

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