Trap God Gucci Mane Is Releasing His First Book In September

East Atlanta native and self proclaimed ‘Trap God’ is known for his down south rap and his multiple incarcerations, but we can expect much more from Gucci Mane this time around.


He has made it clear since his release that he is a changed man. He doesn’t walk the same, talk the same, he even wifed up his long time boo Keisha Kaoir. He has seemed to really find himself since being sober and now he has a book to be released in September.

The title? No, not ‘The Making Of A Trap God’, but something more direct: ‘The Autobiography of Gucci Mane’. The book is due to be released September 19th of this year, although October would have been more fitting for the ‘Woptober’ artist.


The book was co-written with Neil Martinez-Belkin and tells Gucci’s story in his own words, making this the first book Gucci Mane has put on the bookshelves. He started writing his memoir during his last incarceration, finishing it after his release in 2016. The book is one of the most anticipated autobiographies in Hip Hop Culture making it a #1 Bestseller before it’s release on the Rap/Hip Hop Musician Biographies Charts.


It is no question that the pre-sales are high though. Gucci has mentored and inspired many artists in the game and has only continued to do so since his full circle change. He recently signed up and coming artist, Ralo, to his label 1017 Eskimo Records and there doesn’t seem to be an end to the waves he is creating in the industry.


His book will cover his life growing up in East Atlanta, his experience as a drug dealer, his incarceration, and studio life. It can only be expected his book will be as great as his music and clearly many others think so with such high pre-sales.


What do you guys expect from his soon coming book ‘The Autobiography of Gucci Mane’? Will it be able to stand up to his much loved music?


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