Yung Optu Is Making Waves In The Industry

The rap game is always looking to recruit new players and Yung Optu is coming for that spot. Straight from Pittsburg to Charlotte, this artist has made waves throughout the city. With over 9 years of experience in the game, Yung Optu A.K.A. Yunggin isn’t slowing down anytime soon.


A triple threat, Yung Optu isn’t only an artist and energetic performer, but a producer as well. He produces most of his music in the studio which shows his dedication to his craft and fully understanding each part that goes into creating his vision. His love for music started 10 years ago in a school cafeteria where he was best known as the class clown. He learned his flow and style through joke rapping and it took off from there. He began to start writing his own music, which he still does to this day, and hasn’t put down a pen since.

Although he produces close to every track he puts out, his hit ‘Lotto’ was produced by Dez Wright and Iceburg which turned into a fan favorite in his city. With recognition from Charlotte’s most reputable radio station, Power 98, Optu earned the title of Carolina’a Street Artist of the Week for the street banger along with his talent and persistence. The song came off his 5 song EP ‘Don’t Believe The Hype’ on which he produced 4 out of the 5 songs on his tracklist. You can stream ‘Lotto’ and the whole EP, plus more, on Soundcloud and Pandora right now.

He has put in work with locals and big names in the industry like K Camp, Soulja Boy, Sy Ari Da Kid, and Lil Cap, but doesn’t only find inspiration from other hard working artists. His biggest inspiration to keep going is his fans. In a recent interview with Queen City Bullies Magazine, in regards to his fans, he said, “They mean more to me than they’ll possibly ever understand, just 1 tweet from them on a bad day can keep me going.”

He hasn’t done it all on his own, though. With the help of Neil Harp and the 646 Entertainment team, Yung Optu anticipates 2017 will be his best year to date. He has 2 performances coming up in the next week with many more to come and recently performed for CIAA. He has a new project in the making, ’Sorry I Overslept’, which will also be released in two weeks. Yeah, most of these new artists are only on Soundcloud, but before the end of April, you can also find him on iTunes, Pandora, and Google Play. He will be releasing a new video to his unreleased single ‘Easy’ in the coming weeks as well.

The self-described ladies man stands out from the rest in many ways. Aside from his out of this world grind and sickening work ethic, Optu has created a bridge between his audience and music, producing a sound that close to anyone can relate to. He blends the different vibes of struggle, partying, and intimacy to generate a style that is sure to be new to your ears. When he hits the stage he brings his cocky exterior, yet remains humble day to day making him one of the most relatable artists in the game right now.

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