Dj Khaled And Nike Give Back To Atlanta

Good grades, hard work, and dedication are what earned 75 students brand new shoes and a dance party with everyone’s favorite DJ, DJ Khaled.


Yesterday, 75 students went to their school, Maynard Jackson High, completely unexpecting of what was entirely in store. In honor of  Air Max Day and the Game On Air campaign, the participating students all received a pair of brand new sneakers from Nike and if that wasn’t special enough, they were treated to much more than that.


Once they got settled in with some new shoes, the students headed to an impromptu dance party hosted by Atlanta Falcons’ DJ, Jay Envy, and a lunch provided by Chick-fila. Yet, that wasn’t all.


What they didn’t expect was the special guest of the afternoon, DJ Khaled. He said he wanted to surprise them because, “coming here today without them knowing, that’s a vibe. That’s good energy. At the same time, it’s also gifting them with something they didn’t expect. Letting them know, man, there’s way more.” [Slam Magazine]


Dj Khaled continues to give back to the community in major ways, making him one of the most positively influential people in the industry right now. He wants to encourage more young people to give back and on the path he is taking, that difference will be made.



 Who is another artist or entrepreneur in the community making a change?


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