Connect With 646 Entertainment Group: The One Stop Shop For Music Artists

Integrity. Aspirations. Love. These are three things that 646 Entertainment Group stands by, which separates them from any other music group out there. Founded in 2008, 646 Ent has over 30 years of experience combined in the industry and considers themselves to be a one stop shop for any aspiring artist looking to make a name for themselves in entertainment.
The group currently consists of 9 artists, all from different musical backgrounds, as well as a social media rep, radio liaison, videographer, and CEO, Neil Harp. This group is filled with talent from various areas as well. Rap, R&B, Pop, and Inspirational genres are present within the group along with talented producers, songwriters, and music directors. 646 Ent is the perfect hub for any aspiring artist and entertainer looking for support, teamwork, and practicality.
Aside from the opportunity, they offer up and coming artists, 646 Entertainment Group already has a roster of talent with whom they work directly with, encouraging and molding them to be ready for stardom. A few of the artists are Mulodic, Anna Mae, Tiffany Taylor, and Yung Optu. These four artists offer a wide range of talent from pop to hip hop and are all becoming game changers in the industry.
Anna Mae is the youngest of the group, but don’t let that fool you. Her talent surpasses her age. This young songwriter falls in line with R&B genres and stands out as major competition for other performers. She not only writes her own songs but brings her high energy to the stage with her dance moves and strong voice. She has two upcoming performances along with the entire 646 Ent group this weekend (March 31st and April 1st).
mulodic - higher resolution
Mulodic is another R&B artist in the group. From Greenville, NC, Mulodic grew up around music. Starting at the age of 7, he sang in the church and continued his passions into high school with a boy band. Realizing his talent, and after taking some time off in the military, he continued to write songs, poetry, and joined 646 Entertainment Group to succeed in the industry as a top performer.
Yung Optu, is one of the top rappers involved with 646. Featured on Power 98 as Carolina’s Street Artist of the Week, Optu has been making music for close to 10 years and continues to drop hit after hit. He has performed in Charlotte during CIAA and expects to rock the crowd again at ‘The Movement’ artist expo in Atlanta March 31st. With experience working with some of the top names in his genre, 2017 will be a big year for the budding artist. He also has his music available on Pandora Radio.
30815 tiffany taylor
Tiffany Taylor, another leading lady of 646 Ent, is a singer/songwriter with well-rounded foundations. With performances at charitable events, during CIAA, and most recently at Morehead Tavern, Tiffany Taylor is a local favorite known for her inner and outer beauty and talent. Her voice is memorable and can be found on Apple Music with her most recent project being ‘Dare 2 Dream’, released in 2015.
646 Entertainment Group is dedicated to providing their artists complete honesty, a solid foundation, and determination. You can learn more about them and their artist roster at and on their IG @646EntertainmentGroup.

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