Mary J. Blige Is Releasing A New Album, Guess Who Is On The Feature List

Yesterday Mary J. Blige took to Intagram to release her tracklist for her up coming album, ‘Strength Of A Woman’.


At first she teased us with only the cover art, then her tracklist blurred to add some anticipation, and finally we got to see the long awaited list of songs and features.


With 14 songs and 6 artist features, the album is sure to be versitile. Dj Khaled, Quavo, Kanye West, Prince Charles, Missy Elliot, and Kaytranada will all have a starring moment on the album which is due to be released April 28th.


Mary believes this will be one of her most powerful albums and with Kanye West on the first song of the album, that is sure to be true.


Check out her album cover and tracklist below and if you like what you read, follow me on Instagram @SoQueenLo and @QueenLoEnt for more updates!




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