XXXTentacion Released From Jail and Straight To 103.5 The Beat

19 years old and still on probation, XXXTentacion was released and two days later went to 103.5 The Beat to discus his time in jail, his persona views on life, and of course his side of the Drake beef.


Since spending 9 months in jail and gaing publicity from the well known Drake issue, X has gained what some may call a cult following. So when he was released, and took to periscope to tell his fans the great news, it wasn’t a sursprise that his homecoming would go viral.


K Foxx from 103.5 took no time in getting the artist up to the station, though, for some good laughs and breaking news. Not only do we now know his self proclaimed nickname, Dagger Dick, we also know the reasoning behind that and his better known name, XXXTentacion. (You can find that detail at the :16 and 24:44 mark)


On a more serious note, he spoke shortly on his personal life and why he was in jail. Although he wasn’t able to say much since he is still on probation, he let us know that his past relationship was unhealthy and he was in love with a girl, filling a void left by his distant relationship with his mother. When asked about the ‘street life’ he kept it “blood raw”, letting us know that he isn’t in the streetz, but he will defend himself and fight if the situation calls for it.


He kept it real again when addressing Drake. His words were pretty strong (you can listen at the 15:35 mark), but in short: He respects Drake’s position in the industry, yet has no respect at all for him as a man. He believes Drake stole his personal style and debuted it at his concert in the U.K.


The similarities are very noticable and even more now that Drake released his anticipated playlist, ‘More Life’. DJ’s have been creating mashups with the tracks to see exactly how similar they are and it is almost uncanny. You can listen to a good mashup example here.


He also has three new projects coming up this year, 2 mixtapes and 1 album. ‘I Need Jesus’ and ‘Revenge’, as well as ’17’ the ablum will play true to the artist, containing a different sound and vibe. And that is only what’s expected from the outspoken artist who listens to a variety of music from rock to classical. He has been playing around with music since he was 15, but feels wellrounded when it come to the music he puts out.



There appears lots to be expected this year from X. He is also up for the tenth spot on XXL’s Freshman 2017 list. Are you voting for him to be recognized?

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