Big Sean Has The Keys… To Detroit

Our culture needs more philanthropists enhancing well-being and improving community and it’s been a big year as far as charity goes.  Last week Rihanna was honored with another award for her humanitarianism, and yesterday another prominent name in Hip Hop has been recognized for their impact on the community.

Saturday was no April Fools for Big Sean. He was honored in his hometown with one of the highest honors you can receive in a city, the keys!

Recognized for his Public School based foundation, The Sean Anderson Foundation, Sean received the keys from Mayor Mike Duggan at the Madison Building in Detroit. Staying true to the root of the cause, 100 students from Detroit and Farmington area were also in attendance and received a small performance by the local artist.

He didn’t just get the keys from starting a foundation, though. Five years since being founded, the Sean Anderson Foundation has hosted giveaways in the community, provided donations to hospitals as well as schools, given away backpacks to students in need, provided scholarships, and much more!

Their purpose is to cater to the underprivileged student youth in Detroit, surrounding areas, as well as the nation by providing health, education, well-being, and safety. Big Sean and his foundation are doing so much more which lends no questions as to why he is so deserving.

Do any of you have a passion or purpose to improve the community? Let me know below in the comments and if you like what you see here, follow me on IG @SoQueenLo and @QueenLoEnt!

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