Chance The Rapper Might Have A Chance At Politics

We all know Chano is well-loved in his hometown, Chicago. Last year his fans openly supported him to run for president in 2020 and they aren’t backing down from expressing their need for him in politics.

The city of Chicago is asking Chance to run for mayor of the city, but not just because of his musical talent. He has been extremely hands on in his community, donating $1 million to CPS (Chicago Public Schools), supplying coats for the homeless, and starting “Open Mike” night for high schoolers; which stood out to the public as a well enough reason to be elected.

The mayoral hype started when the “Chano4Mayor2k19” team started a website as a call to action for Chance to run. It includes some famous Chano lyrics, but most importantly some facts that prove the request to add him to the ballot isn’t too far off. Last election, the voter turnout was less than 33% which is more than concerning and their current mayor has been in office for 6 years now. During that time he has failed the general public and they are looking for a change.

The election isn’t for a while, but who knows; maybe Chance might have a chance!

Would you vote for the “Coloring Book” rapper?

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