Joey Bada$$’ Sophmore Album Is Out Now

Joey Bada$$ has just released his 2nd studio album and everyone is pretty excited. We were ready for the album when we saw this video for ‘Devastated’ and ‘Land Of The Free’. This album is the follow-up to his debut album in 2015, ‘B4.Da.$$’.


He now has all 12 songs available for our listening pleasure and each song carries a message. You can stream it now on Spotify and iTunes. The ‘AABA’ album has already hit #5 on iTunes.


According to Joey, “This new project is very powerful. That’s the best thing I can say about it: it’s very strong music.” That is the number one descriptor for these songs, strong. Each song exudes power and penetrates your mind.


Whether you’re a fan of Joey Bada$$ or not, it’s worth listening to this full album. Have you already listened to the album?


Let me know your thoughts below about his new project.

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