Since Kendrick dropped part four of his “Heart” series, everyone has been on high alert. And, although the track didn’t make the “damn” cut, it will go down in history as the track that told the world to “get their sh*t together” and prepare for April 7th.

Well most of us believed that meant a new album drop, and we were right, just not 100%. KDot used that moment to drop news of his new album, Damn and it’s 14 tracks; one of which is Humble.


Both songs hit the Billboard top 100 chart, were being played everywhere and left anticipations high for the upcoming project. Kendrick knew it too, saying, “my left stroke just went viral. Right stroke, put that baby in a spiral,” alluding to the fact that everyone streamed his Heart pt.4 single and his next drop would rock our world


He racked up 11 million views on the Humble video in just 24hrs and is #1 on multiple Billboard Charts. As far as the album goes, it’s only been out a day and it’s booming on iTunes Charts. All 14 songs are the top 14 on their song chart and his album is #1, right above more life. If that’s what one-day of streaming does, imagine how this album will be taking over charts worldwide in the first week. We should be expecting some platinum records off this album for sure!




As far as content goes, there are only a few features, but they both stand out. Rihanna and U2 may be the only two artists involved, but that’s enough… It’s Rihanna and U2. Their songs, Loyalty and XXX respectfully, are dynamic and many believe XXX is the hottest song on the whole project. You can stream the album on Apple Music.Kendrick Lamar DAMN album cover art

Some believe that there may be another album coming up. Since Damn was released on Good Friday and the TDE artist died one the first track, maybe KDot will be resurrected on a new project for Easter. Although some may find that far off, one has to reflect back to February when Future released Future and HNDRXX back to back weeks. Kendrick seems like he is on a roll with new music and even though it would be unexpected, what isn’t unexpected these days?



Do you think that some people just have their hopes up? Or are you looking forward to Easter and a resurrected Kendrick?



Let me know your thoughts on the project and if you want to stay in the loop on Instagram, follow me at @SoQueenLo and @QueenLoEnt.

  1. BLOOD.
  2. DNA.
  3. YAH.
  5. FEEL.
  7. PRIDE.
  8. HUMBLE.
  9. LUST.
  10. LOVE.
  11. XXX. FT. U2
  12. FEAR.
  13. GOD.

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