What To Expect In Hip Hop This Friday

This Friday, April 28th,  isn’t one to miss in the world of music.

You can expect to hear some new work from Mary J. Blige, Dj Khaled, Migos, and more. There is also rumors of a possible album release from Young Thug, but it’s only hoped, not confirmed that it’ll drop the 28th.


Read below and see what artist you need to set notifications on for Friday. There’s no way you can miss out on this new music!



Katy Perry

Your right, Katy Perry isn’t a rapper and generally, she doesn’t make music that falls under that genre, but what happens when she collabs with the Migos? Well, this weekend we will find out when she drops her new song “Bon Appetit” featuring the trio.

C-XhzaJUQAA48yISome of her fans were expecting Ariana Grande to be the featured artist, but Katy dropped the bomb last night on Twitter. Some of her fans were upset, but hey the Migos are hot right now. Katy knows what she is doing.


Asahd Khaled (and His Father, DJ Khaled)

Yeah, we all know DJ Khaled put in hard work to make his last song number 1, but he also made Asahd executive producer over the song and his upcoming album, Grateful. With that being said, Asahd’s song “Shining” featuring Beyonce and Jay-Z is now his first number one record on Urban Radio.

His next #1 isn’t far behind. This Friday the father/son duo will be dropping another hit which will feature some top names in the music industry. Get ready for Lil Tunechi, Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper, and Quavo. The track and music video for “I’m The One” both drop at 6 am and you better believe millions of people will be setting their alarms for that.

Mary J. Blige 

Mary is releasing her first album since 2014, The London Sessions. She has always been one to put her pain and soul into her music. Considering she is going through a divorce after a 13-year marriage, it’s fair to say the project will be full of emotion.

Three tracks have been released off of the upcoming album, Strength Of A Woman. You can check out the video to “Thick Of It” below.



Don’t get too excited, but Wale may (or may not) be dropping his Shine album a week early. According to his announcement during his interview with Genius, he will be dropping his upcoming album this Friday. The only problem is he needs to get Atlantic on board, without their approval, it’ll be a no-go.

Hopefully he didn’t speak too soon, but he took to IG today to express himself and to let his fans know he too hopes to release the new project 4/28. Only three days ago he was promoting the May 5th release, so who knows. Either way, it’s a good idea to keep your ears open tomorrow for some new news.

Today (April 27th) he uploaded a his new song “Shine Season” which isn’t featured on the tracklist, but let’s his fans know that shine season is in fact underway. You can listen to that track below.



Young Thug

If you read the previous post on Thugger, you are already up to date. Just in case you didn’t get the update though, a new “singing” album is on the way and it’s anticipated release date is tomorrow (April 28th). That date is only manifested by his fan base in hopes that young Jeffery decides to jump on the bandwagon and release his new heat with everyone else.

The album, E.B.B.T.G. a.k.a “Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girl,” is thought to also include his latest song “All The Time.” He just released the video a few days ago and you can check that out here. OH, don’t let me forget to mention the highlight of the entire album…. Drake will be executive producing it. Yeah I know.. Greatness.

IMG_1177With so much going on tomorrow you can expect a slew of updates as well.
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