Young Thug And Drake Collab For A New Album

If you have been waiting for Jeffery to drop some new fire, the wait is close to over. Yesterday Thugger took to Twitter to let his fans know this week a new album will be dropping. Not just any type of album though.


Not only will this be a “singing” album, and frankly, we all know we are anticipating greatness based off of that description, but Drake is the executive producer over the project. That in itself has set this album up for success. The question that has all of us asking is: Will this be a better collab than Future’s was with Drake? Only time can tell, but it will be hard to top.


Considering this Friday (April 28th) is a big day for hip-hop (ex: a new Mary J Blige album and Khaled’s release of his soon to be new #1 song with Biebs), it is plausible that Young Thug will also be taking advantage of this day. Not only that, but we’re sure to see “All The Time” featured on the track list. The song falls under Thugger’s “singing” style and generally, artists drop singles before an album, even if it is a surprise project.


As far as cover art and a tracklist goes, that is yet to be released, but we do know the album title: E.B.B.T.G., i.e. “Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girl.” The anticipation is rising and Jeffery is retweeting practically anyone who is talking about it. Other renditions of the title are out there as well. “Everybody Be Boolin Through Georgia” is one of them and probably the catchiest.


Bottom line Young Thug has the world waiting on some new ish and time can’t fly by any quicker. Do you think this will top past Drake collabs? Let me know in the comments below!

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