Watch Dj Khaled’s Long Awaited “I’m The One” Video 

Finally, after waiting for what seems like forever, the video has dropped.

DJ Khaled, fresh off earning a #1 hit record, is working his way towards another. He is now known for bringing in some big names on his projects. Beyoncé and Jay-Z go down as two of the greatest artists he has worked with yet, but if DJ Khaled continues on like he is, who knows what’s next?

This time around the “Grateful” DJ has brought together more big industry names for another anticipated hit. Justin Beiber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper, and Lil Wayne are all featured on his upbeat track. Now, it’s pretty obvious to Khaled’s fans that #1 is the only thing he is shooting for with each song he puts out.

Well, 6 am today (April 28th), we were hit with “another one,” which has the potential to makes waves just like “Shinin” did. Named “I’m The One,” the track has dropped at the perfect time, summer and has everyone ready for the full album, Grateful.

Watch the video below. It screams with vibrance, bikinis, liquor, a horse and of course, it seems to have been filmed on Khaled’s extensive Miami property. The song and beat also give that summertime vibe and although it’s not like Rihanna’s “Work,” it can be described in similarity by sunny vacation feel it gives off.

At the rate, Khaled is moving both records and his album are sure to go platinum. It’s only been out for 1 hour and already racked up 400 thousand views. Considering it’s only 7 am, the video should break 1million views today.


What do you guys think of the song? Are you ready for his new album?
Let me know in the comments below and follow @QueenLoEnt for more updates on IG.

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