Kodak Black Recieved His Sentence and It’s In His Hands

Unfortunately, it seems as though Kodak is back where he said we would catch him, the penitentiary and he is now off the ticket for Future’s current tour which begins today, May 4th.

It seems like Kodak has been locked up forever, yet it doesn’t look like he will be getting out anytime soon. The young Florida rapper was arrested recently due to an incident at a Dade County nightclub and although that was the initial criminal issue, that isn’t what is holding Kodak back from being released. Black was on house arrest at the time of the offense and that alone had him facing a significant amount of years.

In court, it was decided that although assault charges would not be pressed against the Project Baby, he will still face some amount of punishment. The fact is, they want to make some sort of example of this situation. Last summer Kodak was sentenced to 5 years probation and the courts didn’t believe he was taking that sentence serious enough.

That’s why today, thankfully, he was sentenced to 1 year in prison for failing to abide by his previous terms of release. If you’re wondering why I said thankfully, it’s because he was facing 8. No not months, years!

Just so you know a little courthouse info, Kodak fired two lawyers in the process of fighting for his freedom. His godmother and an Atlantic Records Exec, Micheal Kushner, spoke on behalf of him as well. They even offer to get Kodak a “handler” if he were to be released. According to his new attorney, Brad Cohen, and most people who know him, Kodak is a good kid. It does seem like the courts are swaying towards Kodak’s side, though.

Instead of serving the whole 364 days, he was offered another option. IF and only if Kodak completes a life skills class, he will be released after completion. Apparently those courses last about a month and cover opening bank account and other basic adult things which are generally great for everyone to know. Kodak seems like a smart guy, I’m sure he will get that finished and he can be released right in time for the Florida summer.

So what does all of this mean for his fans?

Well, he isn’t on Future’s “Nobody Safe” Tour any longer. He was taken off and replaced by A$AP Ferg. Before Kodak’s lengthened time in jail, Ferg was a special guest on only a few dates along with Young Thug. Now he joins Torey Lanez and the Migos on their 34 city tour. This change is bound to make a few upset, but also possibly please even more considering Ferg has such a strong fan base as well. Everybody loves “New Level,” A$AP’s song which features Future Hendrix and that collab alone is enough to get people excited for the concert.

His incarceration doesn’t necessarily mean no more music for a year. Remember, it might only be a month. That’s enough time for him to get some fire songs written. If he does choose to face the year sentence, even Bankroll released new music after his passing, so you don’t have to lose hope too fast. This just means we will be screaming “free Kodak” even more now.


Do you think he will chose the easy route and complete those classes? And, how do you feel about A$AP Ferg replacing Kodak Black on Future’s Tour?

Let me know what you think in the comments below and follow me on IG to stay in the loop: @QueenLoEnt.

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