Lil Yachty Gets Ready For Upcoming Album With New Video Release

Well as you already know, Lil Yachty has a new album coming and has already released two singles with videos. The first, “Peek A Boo,” features the Migos and has racked up 15 million views in three weeks. The most recent release came last night for his latest song “Bring It Back.”

Dropped 15 hours ago, the video has an 80’s prom vibe and shows more of Yachty’s fun, imaginative side. This song has no features and is the second single dropped before his release of Teenage Emotions. You can watch out the pastel and dessert filled video below:


Keep reading to check out the cover art for the album and see how Yachty describes the movie like scene below!




On Instagram when he released the cover art he said, “In high school as a teenager growing up, you’re surrounded by so many different types of people. You’re going through your growth spurt as a teenager and you meet so many different people. There are so many types of people in the world who practice different religions or do whatever they want to do. It’s basically like… don’t be afraid to do you, to be you. If you have vitiligo or if you’re gay or whatever it is, embrace yourself. Love yourself. Be happy, positive.”

 That’s why Lil Boat is so accepted through such a large fan base… He is just himself and promotes others to do the same, just live!
His tracklist below is exactly how Yachty wanted it to be, with little features, and holds a total of 21 songs.


Teenage Emotions Tracklist

  1. “Like a Star”
  2. “DN Freestyle”
  3. “Peek A Boo” Feat. Migos
  4. “Dirty Mouth”
  5. “Harley”
  6. “All Around Me” Feat. YG & Kamaiyah
  7. “Say My Name”
  8. “All You Had to Say”
  9. “Better” Feat. Stefflon Don
  10. “Forever Young” Feat. Diplo
  11. “Lady in Yellow”
  12. “Moments in Time”
  13. “Otha Shit” (Interlude)
  14. “XMen” Feat. Evander Griim
  15. “Bring It Back”
  16. “Running With the Ghost” Feat. Grace
  17. “FYI (I Know Now)”
  18. “Priorities”
  19. “No More”
  20. “Made of Glass”
  21. “Momma” (Outro) Feat. Sonyae Elise


Teenage Emotions is due to be dropped May 26th and the hype is only continuing to gain.  He also just released dates for his upcoming tour. He will hit 26 cities starting August 11th through October 20th, including some dates in Canada.
Are you a fan of Lil Yachty’s music or do you lean more on the side of Joe Budden and everyone else who thinks he lacks true talent?


Let me know in your comments below!




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