#Charlotte Nobody Safe Tour: The Good, The Great, and The Bad.

First and foremost, I have to start by saying that the Charlotte stop on the Nobody Safe Tour was possibly the most lit on the whole tour. Think fire, Dj Esco, thousands of fans, and too much auto tune.

Well, yeah too much auto tune isn’t a plus, but overall the concert was likely the best concert of the summer. Chance The Rapper is up next, but come on… he can’t have anything on two of the arguably hottest sets out there, Future and Migos.

So what were the goods, bads, and uglys of last night’s event? Read on to learn why this was a show you shouldn’t have missed, even though it could have been a little better!

Maybe Ferg hasn’t put out much new music, but I was looking forward to a hell of a performance. Although he did come to put on a show, Ferg was the first act, after Zoey Dollas of course. Still, in my opinion, he should have came after Torey Lanez, who’s set was less than amazing. Also, people were still coming in a getting settled which seemed like an insult to ASAP’s time in the game and his fans looking forward to the night.

Is that a biased statement? Yes. But Torey fit in the least with this group of fans and unless you were at the front, not many were paying attention. Yet, that was only until “Luv” came on and everybody and their momma started dancing. (You better believe a lot of moms were out there too. Happy Belated Mother’s Day btw!) Then the Canadian Rapper came all the way into the lawn. Now, that was the right move and got everyone in the zone for more. People like Torey can do that though, he isn’t a platinum artist like the rest.

Next came a break to prepare everyone for one of the most anticipated acts of the night, Migos! I wish I could start by saying it was the best part of the night, but I can’t. It wasn’t close to a bad performance though. There were just lots of areas that could use improvement. Their piece, and Future’s, could each have their own individual articles reflecting on the evening, but we will fit in into here, just keep reading!

To start, let’s talk about Offset and the extreme, sound altering auto tune through out the whole night. No matter what type of energy this guy brought to the stage, it couldn’t make up for the fact he sounded completely different on stage. The rest of the trio sounded fine, but the futuristic and echo-like sound of Offset was slightly distracting. After you got over the fact that he sounded nothing like himself, and it wasn’t hard to get over it, the entire set was amazing!

Obviously they started with their platinum album, Culture. “Slippery,” “T-Shirt,” “Bad and Boujie,” “Get Right Witcha,” “Deadz.” They pretty much performed the whole damn album before the night was over. As far as performing actually went, they could have moved around the stage a bit more. Quavo was the least energized of the three, but the crowd made up for that.

The whole experience had us reflecting on the Migos entire musical history. We went back to their YRN album for “Hannah Montana”, yet skipped over “Chinatown” and “Bando,” two of their most popular songs from 2013. Of course, they didn’t skip over No Label II. “Handsome and Wealthy,” “Fight Night,” and “Antidote” all turned the crowd up.

Their whole performance was a testimony to their time in the game and the loyal fans they’ve gained along the way. Honestly, every song they performed provided that energy that kept us all night long!

​Next came a slight break before Future came out. Can I just say, I know Future Hendrix is type tired right now. He performed for close to an hour and thirty minutes, had a fire lit stage, used the entire platform, and only took one break throughout his whole set. Considering he was on stage for so long, you can only imagine how many albums we went through which is really the reason the night was so amazing. It lasted 3.5 hours and catered to their true fans who have been there since day 1.

He went through Dirty Sprite and  DS2, Future’s first ever platinum album. You better believe he also performed songs from Honest, 56 nights, What A Time To Be Alive, Evol, Future, HNDRXX, and close to all his other projects too. Hints how he was able to perform so long. I couldn’t even start to say what song got the most love from the crowd because the energy didn’t fade once.

​Participation was high and the fans lit the whole stadium throughout the night, but especially during “March Madness.” (Check Out The Video Below). “Too Much Sauce,” “Peacoat,” “I’m So Groovy,” “Fuck Up Some Commas,” I could go on for days on the songs performed. One thing for sure is that last night proved how long Future has been in the game and how well loved his music actually is.​

​Of course, there had to be a tribute paid to our missed act Kodak. As many of you know, he is currently incarcerated, but luckily he will be out sooner than later. In approximately 30 days we will be able to get our Project Baby back and hopefully the 30 days will have inspired some new music as well. I know one thing is for sure, he better be going on his own tour once he’s back!

As a whole, this concert has the potential of being the best of the summer and no matter where you are, you must buy a ticket. There are still 26 more dates left and they are due to hit Ohio, Texas, Canada, New York, and plenty more places in between, so it’s pretty much time to grab your ticket now! FYI, front row is definitely worth it and you’ll feel even more lit when Migos perform “What’s The Price” right in front of your hip hop hungry eyes!

Did any of you go to the concert this past Mother’s Day or hit any other date on the tour? Let me know in the comments below!

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