Did Tory and Drake Finally Squash Their Beef ?

Instagram is great, it’s full of bad bitties, trending topics, and of course, it keeps us up to date on all the latest drama.

Last night, Instagram was used for the good though. Drake and Tory Lanez were actually pictured looking pretty friendly with each other, relieving what once was some real Canadian tension.  Now, years into the beef it seems as though it has been seamlessly squashed and there is now a little more room for both artists in the 6.


The issues between the two have never been personal. In an interview with Hot 97, Tory expressed how he didn’t know Drake personally saying, “There’s never been a personal problem because I don’t know that man. It’s just one of those situations where the only thing that’s ever gonna lie in between us is that we can’t share first place and I’m the only guy that’s bold enough to come and really take that right now.”

Drake wasn’t going to let the title go without a fight. He addressed Tory a few times starting on “Summer Sixteen,” when he said “all you boys in The New Toronto wanna be me a little,” and continued his unspoken beef in his most recent playlist, More Life.

Tory’s rebuttal to Drake’s “Summer Sixteen” was in “Line Up The Flex” when he rapped “Fuck them nias that was hating on me. Even though a nia used to tell ’em all. I was never ever gang, gang, gang, gang, I was One Umbrella Mob,” a clear response to Drake.

Well, it looks like we won’t be hearing any fire in their songs against eachother, so what could this mean for their fans?

Everybody is hoping for a collab from the 6 God and Tory. Can we expect some new music from them both together?

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