T-Wayne Just Dropped and You Can Stream It NOW!!



I mean low key this duo teased the release of this album in 2008, but who’s really counting the years? Yesterday T-Pain took to twitter to let us know he was done holding onto their old music and by golly he just posted an unbeatable #TBT post!!!

Well, today (May 18th), the wait is finally over and you can stream it on SoundCloud.

The album is 8 tracks long with zero features which is only right, these two rappers redefined an era of music and set new standards for the future of hip hop.


The mixtape starts with “He Rap He Sing,” and is almost so good it made me reflect on all my middle school years. The intro pretty much sets you up for the other 7 songs, each with their own vibe.

Songs range from 1:09 to over five minutes and even the beats sound like a throwback in the best of ways. Bangladesh, who produced Wayne’s “A Milli,” and Tha Bizness were on production for this surprise album. Even hearing “Tha Bizness” when the beat drops brought me back to waiting at the bus stop listening to my iPod.

Watch one of their last collab videos from 2009 below:

Enough of reading about it though, stream the album now and listen for yourself!

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