Rapper T-Wayne Responds To Critism Over His Name

T-Wayne is pretty well known right now and no, I am not talking about the recently released throwback album from T Pain and Lil Wayne. I’m talking about the artist whom we all know for the lyrics, “first let me hop out the mther fcking Porshe.”


If you didn’t know who this artist was before, you probably do now that T-Pain just released an album called T-Wayne. The thing is, it’s not on Apple Music, so when you search for this new release you’ve been waiting years for, you will only stumble upon the underground artist and his trending song “Nasty Freestyle”.


Not only has that technicality probably brought some major attention to T-Wayne’s music, but some fans have aren’t so happy with the artist’s choice of name. He told TMZ the following, “I’ve been getting a whole lot of backlash for no reason. I didn’t choose for my name to be T-Wayne,” he argued, explaining the origin of his moniker. “My first name and my middle name put together — that’s just how I was born.”


Some have taken the issue to mean the Houston rapper will now be blackballed by fans.   Tyshon (T-Wayne) continued, “Fans have been coming at me like ‘you need to change your name. Your career is done. Don’t try to compare yourself to legends. I’m not going to stop my world just because somebody dropped an album that ain’t got nothing to do with me that just use my name. I’mma keep my name as T-Wayne… but it’s no beef or nothin’ like that.”


Truthfully, it’s time to let this man live, but he has found a little humor in it all. He posted on IG “I’m adding my verse. The T-Wayne album coming soon.”


Really who knows, we might see a collab with the artists if Wanye and T-Pain like his music.


Do you think that he should change his name?


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