Who Performed Last Night At The BBMA’s

Last night was epic on so many different levels. The Billboard Awards are always major to watch, but yesterday evening records were broken, debut performances were had, and Drake brought like two dozen people on stage for his acceptance speech!
Over 10 solo and group acts performed at the Billboard Music Awards. For some it was their first solo performance, some were lengthy, some short, and Miley Cyrus actually had clothes on. There were a few acts that were better than others and some that will last a while in our memory.
So, let’s reflect on last night and all the amazing talent that crossed the stage.
Nicki set the mood and opened up with a 9 minute performance. Of course she did all of her classics like “Beez In The Trap,” “Starships,” and “Moment 4 Lyfe.”
It’s no surprise that she had to include her squad. Wayne joined her to perform “No Frauds.” She also enlisted David Guetta along her side to perform their song “Light Up My Body.” Honestly, you would think the extra appearances would have ended there, but you’d be wrong. Jason Derulo also came to perform their collab “Swalla.” She ended her nine minutes of shine with her emotional, yet upbeat song, “Regret In Your Tears.”
Speaking of the crew, Drake had a big night. Not only was he tied for 22 nominations last night, but he also wowed the crowd with an unbelievable performance by the fountains of Bellagio. Picture fireworks, water cannons, and fire as he performed “Gyalchester” from his More Life playlist. No one has performed at the monument since Britney Spears in 2001. Oh and don’t let me forget to mention he broke a record last night, bringing home 13 awards, one more than Adele’s 12 in 2012.
Since I am Gemini, who believes in all things Gemini, and recognize real when I see it, so let’s talk about Cher and her bringing in her birthday along with Gemini season in the right way! Two outfit changes, pink-tipped hair, and a classic curly black wig was the perfect way to represent herself on stage last night.
She turned 71, making this her 53rd year in the game, and all I can say is “Cher, I wanna be like you when I grow up!” She danced around like she was grade school age, pranced in pink pasties, and in Cher style stole the evening with her performance of “Believe” and “If I Could Turn Back Time.” Her performance got everyone dancing, especially Celine Dion backstage. As she was preparing to hit the stage herself, she couldn’t help but sing along with the iconic diva.
Celine also made a great impression on stage with her Titanic hit, “My Heart Will Go On.” This is Titanic’s 20th anniversary, so it only made sense to give the tribute. The Canadian singer came out looking amazing under an exquisitely made chandelier, almost angelic and kind of resembling the iceberg that tore apart true love.
Those two aren’t the only ones who left their mark though. Some artists had their performances broadcast from out of the country.
Bruno Mars performed “Versace On The Floor” from Amsterdam and Ed Sheeran, in “Ed Sheeran” style, did “Castle On The Hill” in Santiago, Chile!
The Chainsmokers were tied with Drake for 22 nominations and won top collaboration with Halsey for “Closer.” As far as performing goes,  Andrew Taggart started off their show on guitar, singing lead. Pall came in as the DJ and of course on the mic as well. They performed their new song from their debut album, “Young,” and got a great response from the crowd.
Even though he is currently on tour and without Chrissy, John Legend joined Florida Georgia Line for their collab, “H.O.L.Y.” and “Surefire.” They brought some much need soul on stage. Soon the music video for “Surefire” will be dropping too, this won’t be a video you should miss!
A pleasant surprise came from Miley when she hit the stage a little more dressed than average. Her whole vibe was different including her sound. She brought out her southern twang again, left her twerking at home, and even kept her tongue in her mouth. She sang her new song “Malibu” and almost seemed to get teary-eyed by the end. Maybe reflecting on how far she has come till now, who knows, but we will all remember what seems to be the debut of her new self.
Sticking to those who always keep a high energy on stage, Lorde, of course, brought just that. She performed a karaoke version of her song “Green Light.” (Watch a clip below) The song is on her upcoming album which is due to be released June 16th. Soon she will be on tour in Australia and has continued to grow since her hit “Royals” in 2013.
Camila Cabello was on stage last night for her first time as a solo act and was well received. She lit the stage with her song “Crying In The Club” and her background dancers. She also brought out some emotion with her new song “I Have Questions” and left a great impression for the start of her solo career away from Fifth Harmony.
Halsey, Sam Hunt, and Imagine Dragons were also three strong performances from the night.
Who was your favorite performance?

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