What Is A Push Party? Beyonce’s African Based Baby Shower.

While some of us were watching the Billboard Awards, the rest of us were recovering from Saturday’s reveal of Beyonce’s growing belly and her love filled “Carter Push Party.”
On May 20th, Beyonce threw what seems to be the most epic baby shower ever, but what else could we really expect from such a queen?
What is a “push party” you ask? It’s pretty much a baby shower for a woman who’s already had her first baby. Some call it a “sprinkle” instead of a “shower,” but essentially it’s the same thing.
Tribal prints, traditional music, love, and family were in the air to make Beyonce’s “push party” one she is sure to always remember.
She and Jay-Z not only looked “Crazy In Love,” but were adorned in West African apparel sticking true to their Nigerian shower theme. In Tina’s post, you could hear Fela Kuti, a late Nigerian artist, playing in the background. Bey wore a head wrap, long flowing skirt, and her beautiful belly with intricate henna tattooed in the middle of her twin filled tummy. Of course, like Beyonce does, she looked like a goddess.
Although Bey is known for more secrecy, she has given us quite a bit to look at during this pregnancy. She posted three pictures from the “push party” to her Instagram but left the rest to her mother. Thankfully, Tina Knowles documented plenty on her page. Yonce looked like she was about to pop, but that didn’t stop her from dancing the night away with her rapper hubby.
The event was intimate with close friends and family. Obviously, the other two parts to Destiny’s Child were there in full support. Michelle was looking fab, as always. Serena Williams, another expecting mother, was there as well along with Lala Anderson, Kelly Rowland, and jeweler, Lorraine Schwartz.
There was speculation that Bey had already popped her twins out, but according to the date added to her Instagram pics, those twins are still going strong in there. Her mother said in an interview that even she doesn’t know the sex of the babies, but she is excited about their arrival. Her father confirmed with TMZ on Friday that she isn’t actually due for two more weeks.
I guess for now all we can do is continue to wait, although the anticipation is killing us!
What do you think Bey is having? Boys? Girls? or one of each?!

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