Are You Copping These New Drake Kicks?

Drake has always felt a connection to Jamaican vibes. You already know this after listening to his latest release, More Life. The dancehall feel is running all through that playlist. That’s why it comes as no surprise that Drake is collabing on these desert boots, a popular Jamaican footwear.
About three months ago Drake teased a possible collab with Clark’s on IG. One tan boot, one deep and daring purple. Both embellished with the OVO owl logo.
Image result for drake clarks shoes
Well finally the shoe company revealed, indeed there is a Drake Clarks Original shoe, and it’ll be dropping real soon. You can expect the shoe to release this Friday, May 26th.
They are obviously stylish because Drake has his hands on these, but are they really good summer shoes?
Regaurdless, with Drake’s stamp on it they are sure to be an easy sale.
What do you think about these new kicks? Are ya’ll copping some?

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