DropTopWop Was Just What Summer Needed (REVIEW)

Here are my thoughts on the entire album. Spoiler alert, it was amazing.
Before I even got my day started Friday, I listened to Gucci Mane’s just released masterpiece, Drop Top Wop. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and heard my ears whisper “I love you” as walked to the pool to catch a tan.

The album was, in total, incomparable to most of the music that’s out right now. That’s because it’s Gucci and he is in a lane of his own. His sound: different. His flow: unique. His lyrics: on point, EVERYTIME! (I don’t care that his lyrics may be “simple,” they are relatable and catchy, plus I can actually understand him.)

I already knew before the album was released it would be well put together. Not only was it going to be a joint production, but thought out in detail as well. Its release was even planned, dropping on Friday, May 26th, one year after Gucci’s release!

Metro Boomin lead the project on the production end, but London On The Track, Southside, and some others seemed to have had a part in the project on a couple songs. You could hear their drops throughout parts of the tape. “Gucci Boomin” was the executive producer over Drop Top Wop, which only makes sense considering the celebratory theme of the album. Gucci was freed one year ago, it’s only right for him to be the executive producer.

What was impressive was the little features and the shortness of the album. Honestly, if the album was 21 tracks, like Lil Boat’s Teenage Emotions, I would complement it’s length as well. If he released one song I would have talked about the impact of the single track and how the one featureless track made my entire summer. Can you tell I am a Gucci fan yet?

Really though, the 38 min album was just what the hip hop doc called for. It’s summer, no one wants to hear redundancy, the same sound, different song kind of album. Gucci put 10 songs on the track list, made each different, and added just the right people to the mix to make it work. 2 chainz, Offset, Young Dolph, and Rick Ross were the perfect additions that added wonderful versatility.

The song that stood out the most to me was “Met Gala” which featured Offset. Or really, it sounded almost as if Gucci was the feature. He pretty much gave Offset the entire song minus a few bars. It’s definitely in my top 3 songs off the album, possibly my favorite. Gucci came in at the 2:03 mark and went off for about 40 seconds before Offset ended the track.

“Helpless” is another one of my favorites and a solo track from the summertime album. He talks about, well, the power of the “P.” It’s catchy, it makes me think of how I leave my boo feeling “helpless,” and… nope that’s pretty much it, I like reflecting on the impact I leave on him.

The intro is an attention grabber too and references a lot to Gucci’s lifestyle. His drop top is mentioned, of course, his 10 million dollar mansion, and his daily 5 million dollar income. Personally, I am just tryna grow up to be as successful as Gucci and his counterpart, Keyshia. If they are making 5 million a day, so can I. This song is the perfect start to the album, preparing fans for what’s next: lots of gloating, but for good reason of course.

“Both Eyes Closed” is another catchy track. Gucci starts off the song and raps the hook, 2Chainz comes in halfway through and Dolph finishes it off in true Memphis style.

You can check out “Bucket List” and the new video right now on WorldStar.

What are your thoughts on the album?

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