Many Showed Up For Ariana’s Benefit Concert

It has been hard times for London as terrorist attacks are happening more and more often. We all know about the suicide bomber who attacked in Manchester during Ariana’s concert about two weeks ago and two days ago London was attacked again.

Those attacks gave nothing but more purpose to Ariana and her fellow pop stars, who knew the show must go on in the name of everyone’s memory. Ariana’s manager took to Twitter saying, “Today’s One Love Manchester benefit concert will not only continue, but do so with a greater purpose.”


Named “One Love Manchester,” the charity event took place at the Old Trafford cricket stadium in London. Over 50,000 were in attendance so naturally there were some major security differences compared to the past. There were more detailed bag checks, but authorities urged guests to leave all bags at home. They not only had local police at the event but considering recent terrorism in the area, they enlisted the help of surrounding authorities as well. Of course, they also were sure to remind everyone to be vigilant of their surroundings too.

Those who performed were Ariana Grande, Pharrell Williams, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Coldplay, and of course, Katy Perry with her “woke” self.


Starting out teary eyed, Ariana Grande stated: “Tonight is all about love.” Her love songs hit the mark last night with touching lyrics, like the ones in “Break Free,” and the crowd sang along. She finished the concert with a lovely rendition of “Over The Rainbow.”


Every artist had their own message to send yesterday. Pharrell Williams said, “Manchester, let the world hear your resilience” and performed “Get Lucky.” Miley Cyrus gave some kind words as well saying, “For me, the most important responsibility we have on this entire planet is to take care of one another.” You can listen to his touching words below:

The event’s proceeds went to those affected by the Manchester bombing and with 50 thousand in attendance, they sure have helped a lot!


      1. Yes, we thankfully have no terror attacks here. We do have crime and other things to deal with, but Cape Town has been good to me. I just wish more artists would come here.


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