New Music From Kanye Just Leaked

Yesterday, June 4th, 2 new tracks were leaked and it has us all going crazy!

Since The Life of Pablo Tour and Kanye’s mental breakdown, everyone was worried. He even missed his own fashion show and was absent from the Met Gala last month. Not only have we not seen him out and about, but his Twitter and Instagram have both disappeared.

Thankfully, yesterday, Music Mafia leaked 2 apparently new tracks which we now accept with open arms. We are hopeful that these songs are evidence that Kanye is working on a new album. He has been on the low lately which usually means a new project is on the way.

My Dark Twisted Fantasy came months after the Taylor Swift incident and similar reclusive behavior to what we are witnessing currently. That album was and still is considered to be a masterpiece of sorts since 2010.

TMZ recently reported that Kanye has been retreating to the mountains of Wyoming to work on some new music. Now, with the leak of “Hold Tight” and “Euro,” those claims are holding even more weight.

Kanye always collabs with some hot artists, so of course we will expect no less from his upcoming project. So far, if these songs are part of the tracklist, Young Thug, A$AP Rocky, and Migos are three features that blend well with Kanye’s sound.

“Hold Tight” features Young Thug and Migos, who both add completely different flows to the track. Kayne brings back his classic autotuned sound as well, giving the song an undeniably reminiscent feel.

A$AP is on the second song,”Euro,” which sounds completely different when compared to “Hold Tight.”

You can listen to both of the leaked songs below and thank Music Mafia later!

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