Yachty’s Completely Trash Debut Album (REVIEW)

Last week Bryson Tiller dropped his sophomore album, Gucci dropped a collab project with Metro Boomin, and Lil Yachty dropped the ball.

Everyone was excited about his Teenage Emotions album. I don’t know about anyone else, but I was ready to give Lil Boat a chance to win me over as a fan. I’ve been following his wave, seeing the moves he’s been making, and whether I like his music or not, he really is getting that bread in the rap game.

I was expecting an album that, well, spoke to my “teenage emotions.” I wanted to hear about breakups, love, parties, being an outcast, etc. Hell, even talking about getting the “hoes” and smoking, but in a high school type of way. I wanted it to be relatable.
When he talked about his cover art, I knew this album was going to be fire. The movie theater theme immediately caught my attention. It has a mash of different people you meet in school from emo to gay and that spoke volumes to me. Even Boat himself said he wanted everyone represented with the cover art.

Before I dive into all the shit Yachty served up, let me compliment one song in particular.

The only song on the album I would honestly request or play in my car is “Bring It Back.” The 80’s themed love song is the single track on the album that relates to the topic at hand: the crazy ups and downs of teenage love a.k.a. “teenage emotions.” Intially, I heard the song when I watched the video.

Lil Boat had a good thing going with the visuals. He set the mood with an 80’s prom theme, stepped on some cakes, and genuinly captured the feel of high school fun. The song makes sense compared to the rest of the album and it’s the only song that doesn’t touch on money, girls, and come ups as much. That’s the only compliment I have for the young artist.

I can totally feel him, in a way. If you come from one thing and then all of a sudden you’re on Sprite and Target commercials, by all means rap about it. Just don’t do it on an album meant to have actual substance.

Not only did I not like the lyrics of the album, I could not believe this guy put out 21 songs. 21 empty, meaningless, monotonous songs which I listened to with regret each moment. I need to know who told him that anyone wanted to listen to ANY artist that long, much less Yachty.

It was probably the same person who told him that you can blow a chello. Seriously, raise your hand if you know what a chello is. . . All hands raised? Yup, a chello is a string instrument which means no lungs, mouths, or air is used to play. If you can even make it to track 3, you’ll hear those lyrics on “Peek a Boo.”

If he put more thought behind this project it would have spoken to his fans more and definitely contained 50% less music. He also wouldn’t have referenced a string instument as a comparision to head.

My advice to him is to continue to play “Priorities” (track 18) on repeat so he can remind himself where his head needs to really be at cause currently bro’s “priorities are f*cked.”

I think that everyone deserves a chance to shine and prove themselves to be competition in the industry, but if you get the chance, follow through and work hard. This album seems to be thoughtlessly made and that’s a shame considering it’s his debut album.

Have you heard his freshman album? What do you think about it?

You can check out his video for “Bring It Back” below:

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