SZA’s New Album Came Right On Time (REVIEW)

First of all can we please get a round of applause for SZA and this amazing tribute to side chicks, deceitful men, and lost love.

If your ex boo had an ex boo they were seeing while loving you, then this entire album was written for you. It’s no longer bae season, summer is here and those days are over. This 49-minute journey through heartbreaks and messages to our exes is exactly what we all needed this season.

After watching her interview on The Breakfast Club, my hype for the album rose. During her interview, they touched on the whole album, her frustrations over her release date, and the meaning behind CTRL. She even opened up about her struggles of whether her music was nothing more than just a hobby.

I don’t know about you guys, but I haven’t heard much of SZA’s music in the past, although she isn’t  a new name in this music business, and I am so glad she considers it more than a pastime. She is the only female on the TDE team and with this being her debut album, she came out strong, put her heart on the line, and displayed her talents in 13 songs, most of them solo.

Her album represented so much more than going through past hurts, but also moving past it. She actually took the “CTRL” back of her music and has laid a great foundation for a stable career in the industry. SZA not only has the skills it takes for excel as a singer but also as a songwriter. Even on The Breakfast Club, they spoke on her previous hesitation and her thoughts on taking on that task now.

Each line relates to some part of our past or current relationship issues. She started with her intro (which I didn’t count as a song for those of you criticizing my 13 song description), called “Supermodel” which then flowed right into the first song “Love Galore.” The song’s video has been out for about a month now, has racked up over 1.5 million views, and features Travis Scott. You can check that out below!

“Dove’s In The Wind” A.K.A. the pussy song comes in at #3 on the track list. If you don’t know why it earned that name, just listen to the song you will get the hint. Of course SZA had Kendrick Lamar, her fellow TDE family, featured on the joint, making this one of my favorite tracks on the album.

Next, comes my actual favorite on the list, “Drew Barrymore.” Naming this song as a tribute to the imperfect chicas, SZA resonated with every female who isn’t the epitome of the “normal,” society-driven woman.

“The Weekend” brings us to SZA’s memory as a side piece and reflects over the love she shared with a guy only on “the weekend.” Some of have never been that chick, some of us have only been that girl, but most of us can relate to what she’s been through in some way, even if we never knew we were the side chick in the equation.

“Prom” and “Go Gina” make you want to dance and are followed by songs “Garden,” her single “Broken Clocks,” “Anything,” “Wavy,” and another fave “Normal Girl.” In those final 7 tracks you can find the other two features. Roc Nation’s James Fauntleroy appears on “Wavy” and Isaiah Rashad joined his TDE sister on “Pretty Little Birds.”

Some may feel the theme of her project lyrically monotonous, but she touches on the many emotions had in a rocky relationship, the different sides to each role, and keeps each beat and vibe fluid and ever changing. This LP is a perfect example of how to stick to the plan, but also keep it fresh fun and unexpected. Artists who have yet to release their debut album can sure take notes from her hard work and thoughtfulness.

If you haven’t already tapped into this masterpiece yet, it’s not one to sleep on, men and women alike can take something from this soulful album.

Have you guys already listened to the full album? What is your favorite song on the record?


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