So Much Talent On The SoSoSummer 2017 Tour

With music being what it is these days, it’s hard to find lyrically talented rappers within our youth. There’s so much criticism against Lil Yachty, Uzi, 21 Savage, close to every rapper on the scene faces it. So, when we run across genuine, intelligible talent, we must appreciate the fact that all has not been lost in the future of music, especially Hip Hop.

If you didn’t know, Jermaine Dupri is on his 2017 SoSoSummer Tour. If you keep up with the SoSo Def founder, or you have kids, then you know all about his show “The Rap Game,” his Lifetime Network show that is centered around the development of young artists looking for a deal. 3 seasons and 10+ kids later, the SoSo Def CEO has hit the road on a 17 date tour with the favorite cast members from each season, Da Brat, and Bow Wow.

Saturday, they hit Charlotte, NC at the Oven’s Auditorium. It was a sold out event, full of young excited kids with dreams of being on that very stage. Even some of the parents were turning up and when Nia Kay hit the stage, I had no choice but to sing along. “Issa,” from her latest project Dutchess, is one of my new favorite songs!

Young Reid, winner of the Taylor Girlz competition in Atlanta, opened up the show. It was his first performance on this scale, but he sure performed like he had been there before! His energy was just as high, if not stronger than the energy of the cast member’s performances. Not to say they didn’t have spunk, but Young Reid performed with no background dancers, no special effects, nada, and he shined just as bright. FYI, his exclusive interview is coming out next week and it isn’t one you want to miss. You can find his music on Apple Music and Google Play as well. (Take notes ambitious artists: Apple Music, Google Play, and Spotify are keys when it comes to success in the industry!!!)

Supa Peach, King Roscoe, and Prince of NY all had a strong fan turnout.Dancing wise, Roscoe was my true favorite. Seeming to be the youngest in the group, his stage presence was that of a vet! Prince of NY also showed why he was strong competition on the show. He spits the truth and was the most relatable, in my opinion. Jermaine Dupri came out towards the end of his set and that’s when the Brooklyn native, J.I., went off, rapping at the speed of light. He may not have won his season, but he clearly made a few impact on his fans and Jermaine himself.

After the “Prince,” Da Brat came on stage to pipe up the audience. Of course, she had “Da Brat List” for the show and went over what we, the crowd, needed to do to make the concert even more hype. She made sure we were repping our team, cheering the right way and ready for the next performance. My favorite, Nia Kay came on next, followed by Lil Key who brought a lucky lady on stage, and D Low who had the whole auditorium jumpin’.

Bow Wow came on 3/4 through the show and although he performed his “throwbacks,” he had us, grown folks, singing to the top of our lungs and reminiscing on our past. Of course, while he was on stage he had to address his latest work where he is cast in the new hit show “Growing Up Atlanta.” A true favorite, Deetranada, performed her set after Shad and the winners wrapped the show-up. Mani, Miss Mulatto, and Nova performed, in that order, and put on to prove why they were the chosen three.

My favorite part of the evening were the words a few of the performers had for their young fans. Most of them gave personal stories of overcoming situations or people who don’t believe in you. Most of the speeches even touched me and these words were coming from 15-year-olds.

This concert was more than a show, but encouragement to the young. They didn’t glamorize drugs and fame, there was no cursing, and the vibe was pure. If you guys haven’t already purchased your tickets, now is the time! This event may be catered towards the youth, but anyone who isn’t uptight about their surroundings can find an enjoyable time here.

(Oh Yeah… I snuck in backstage. You can check out my exclusive pics with Dupri and Shad Moss a.k.a. Bow Wow below!!!!! Shout out to Eric Kelley the 2nd who I have now have deemed my backstage bandit!!!! Go support him on and get trendy!)

Have you heard any of these artists’ music? Who’s another young artist to watch right now?

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