Kodak Black Made Major Moves Since His Release

For a second there 2017 wasn’t looking too bright for Kodak Black. Musically, his following was increasing and his support from other artists was, and still is heavy. Yet, not too long after his release of his now platinum record “Tunnel Vision,” the Project Baby found himself exactly where he thought they wanted to see him, in a penitentiary, after violating his probation. His sentencing, although short, still affected his fans and career, knocking him off of Future’s No Body Safe tour.

Painting Pictures, his latest project, just released before he was locked up and was possibly one of the best debut album of last year’s freshman class. One of the tracks on the LP, “Tunnel Vision,” has already hit platinum along with his single “No Flockin.” Two platinum songs seem to be a great present considering Black just celebrated a birthday June 11th, but let’s talk about Kodak has been up to this year.

Since his untimely arrest, June has been good to Kodak. He was released June 5th, from Broward County, after serving 97 days of his 364-day sentence. During his incarceration, he completed voluntary life classes to quicken his release which covered domestic violence, parenting, financial, and self-control. He is home now, but still under house arrest and unable to even travel throughout Florida. His friends built him a pretty dope studio while he was away, though, because, without consent from his probation officer and the court, he will not be stepping a foot out the crib.

Shortly after rejoicing over his release, he celebrated his 20th birthday, which had to be sweet considering he is finally back home. Only one day after his bday, we were surprised to notice his trademark gold teeth to be completely missing. Permanent no longer, Kodak removed all 24 gold teeth and revealed a new pearly white look to match what seems to be a new Kodak. Before his arrest, he cut off his dreads and promised to never set foot in jail again. Although he did do the latter, his look, lyrics, and even Instagram posts seem to lean towards a more political Project Baby.

With a new studio in the crib, there’s bound to be a lot more work from Kodak. In a post on IG, he promoted Painting Pictures and hashtagged #NewOneComingSoon, hinting at a possible new album around the corner. He does have two new tracks out now with his Sniper Gang partner and did a remix on KYLE’S “iSpy” track. You can listen to Sniper Gang tracks on Jack Boy’s new mixtape New Jack City. The Florida rapper is featured on “Lingo” and “New Jack City.” Side Note: PNB Rock is also on the project.

As far as Kodak’s features go, it’s a little tricky for him, considering he is a felon. Due to his terms of probation, he is currently unable to be around other rappers with a criminal record, making work a little harder. Considering a record is almost a prerequisite in the rap game, finding felon-less peers may be on the hard side. He has worked with Gucci and Young Thug in the past, but with so much on the line, Black needs to be cautious and he knows it. That’s why he is working with his legal team now to work on an exemption. According to XXL, his team requested the following in court:

“As the Defendant is a recording artist, he has the opportunity to work with other recording artists on a regular basis,” the motion reads. “Some of those recording artists or associates may have criminal histories […] Defendant would not want to unintentionally be violated for associating with individuals with criminal histories or felony convictions. Defendant would not be able to provide specific names to the court at this time of the individuals he may work with in the future, or the family members that may associate with him on occasion. As such, defendant is requesting that the court allow an exception for work associates and family members, regarding the condition to not associate with known felons.”

For now, that’s all the new music we have to hold us over until Kodak Black drops some flame straight out of his home studio.

Who is ready for some new music from Project Baby? Do you think the courts will honor the exemption?

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