(REVIEW) Young Thug Exceeds Expectations With ‘Beautiful Thugger Girls’

Although it’s not executively produced by Drake and a solid month late, Beautiful Thugger Girls is finally released and this it’s not like any of thugs past work. Apparently, he knows it too! He deemed himself NewPac, saying he released EBBTG on Pac’s birthday for that exact reason.
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With Jeffery, we heard classic young thug, in only ten songs. He didn’t stray far from his original sound and featured expected artists. There were no surprises and therefore he took absolutely no risks. Don’t get me wrong, Jeffery, released last year, was a great project with songs I still listen to today. This new album was refreshing and new, though, so it caught me by surprise in all of the right ways. Especially since after last month’s back and forth over the release, I just figured it was all a stunt.

This time around, Thug gave us an entirely new side of him. As promised, he delivered a “singing album,” missing an exec. Production from The 6 God, but assisted by London On The Track, Young Chop, ScottStorch, and even fellow rapper Post Malone. Apparently, that’s not all who helped out though, which isn’t a surprise because it’s clear a lot of hard work and effort went into this project.
He added four more tracks and some pleasantly unexpected features which totally caught me off guard. Millie Go Lightly, Snoop Dogg, Travis Scott, Future, and Lil Durk all had their parts in the project. Millie’s voice compliments Jeff’s so much, so it’s pleasant to hear their collab on two songs. Both are completely off Thug’s map but are perfect additions to his new musically styled feel.

His song with Future, “Relationships,” is definitely a fan favorite. That really comes as no surprise since Future is on such a high note right now. A personal fave that I have on replay is “4 am.” Half because I love Travis Scott, but also because it’s a damn good song.
The inspiration comes from love, but of course, Thug didn’t change up too much. Lots of sex, sex, and more sex is touched on, almost in every song. The only one that’s too much for me is “Do U Love Me,” one of London’s productions. The song is perfect for summer, so after I get over the lyrics of “sucking and f*cking,” I can vibe.
Overall the album is summertime perfection though. In 14 songs he sings, throws a country inspired song out, and possibly will get a platinum record or two off the album. In my opinion, 2 Chainz’ album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music is better, but don’t let that fool you on this dope new music Thug has put out. It’s a close running between the two!
Have you guys heard the new music out? Lorde and H.E.R. also released new work! Who are you listening to and what do you think about their new projects?

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