(REVIEW) 2 Chainz’ Pretty Girls Like Trap Music Is Only Good Vibes

Let me start by saying YES, I think this album is better than E.B.B.T.G. 2 Chainz knew what he was doing when naming his album too because although trap isn’t my favorite, his album is and I love HIS trap music he just put out. I’ve been defending Thug’s album all week, although many apparently didn’t agree with me, on the dopeness of Jeff’s new music, I still had to side with Pretty Girls Like Trap Music when it came to overall content, replayability (if that’s a word), and hits.
When that album released, we already heard 3 songs and a teaser for “Realize,” Nicki’s latest diss on Remy Ma. “Big Amount,” “It’s a Vibe,”  and his Gold-certified record, “Good Drank” were all solid singles with even stronger feature assists. Drake, Ty Dolla $ign, Jhene Aiko, Gucci Mane, Trey Songz, Quavo, and Nicki were all confirmed artists pre-release, but Titty Boi also had Swae Lee, Travis Scott, Pharrell, Monica, and Migos on his track list.
Considering each individual artist added their own unique part to the songs, picking a favorite feature is hard, but in the end, it must be chosen. Not the usual Rae Sremmurd fan, I really loved Swae Lee’s hook on “Poor Fool.” I mean, yeah, it’s catchy, but it’s so much more than that. It’s my anthem for ATLEAST the entire summer, yet quite possibly for life.

“I said close your mouth and eat. You make some paper, then you make your own moves” -Swae Lee (Poor Fool)

This sank so deep into my soul, you know, it’s the classic “real G’s move in silence” mentality.
Anyways, the entire album contained positive vibes and some of Chainz best works.

“Rolls-Royce Bitch” is another favorite, but so are “Realize,” “Burglar Bars,” “Bailan,” and “4 am.” That’s where “replayability” comes in, close to every song, I want to hear again.

2 Chainz and his team are on top of promotion and keeping up the buzz. 4 videos have been released, two within two days. “Blue Cheese” and “Sleep When U Die” dropped yesterday. You can watch them here, along with “It’s A Vibe” and “Good Drank.” (Watch “It’s A Vibe” Below.)

Needless to say, if I had to pick between Thug, H.E.R., Lorde, or 2 Chainz new album,  Pretty Girls Like Trap Music takes the cake. I’ve listened to this full album at least once a day and that’s saying something because it’s 16 songs and a bit over 1 hour long.
What’s your favorite album out of all the new releases?

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