Remy Break’s Nicki’s 7 Year Winning Streak


Did that just happen? Right in the middle of this flame fueled beef, Remy took the crown at the BET Awards for Best Female Rapper ending Nicki’s 7-year winning streak.

In essence, it seems time though right?

Not hating on Nicki here. She has clearly gained an entire army of followers and if we compare bank accounts, she would probably beat Remy hands down. She has been getting platinum records since her first back in 2011 and hasn’t slowed up in her grind! I mean she travels to Prague by private jet, clearly, that makes her the best right? Since 2009 Nicki has been the best female rapper according to BET, but if we are comparing, who actually tops the other and what really makes someone “the best” when it comes to the rap game?

A few things need to be there for an artist to become and remain successful. Their lyrics and flow need to be on point, they need to be able to put on a show (how can you be an entertainer without being entertaining?), and they need that “extra something.” What is that one thing that makes them stand out from the rest? Why should we be listening to a certain artist? What keeps bringing us back?

Well, Nicki has her long hair, fat ass, and boss look down pact. She brings multiple personalities to the stage including Roman and her Barbie alter ego, and until recently, her music has been catchy, savage, and everyone was for the self-proclaimed “Queen of Rap.” Note the words “until recently…..” I am not sure whether her ex Safaree actually wrote for her, but, in my opinion, he did. Her lyrics have fallen off since the end of their lengthy relationship in 2014.

Now, she is releasing lazily thought out disses and it’s quite unimpressive. Let’s refer to a few lines below….

” Ay yo, ain’t talkin’ housewives, but I’m in the Porsche

First I’mma scorch her, then I’mma torch her

Then I’mma torture her, then I’mma off her

A million dollars for a show, they made their off-er”


None of her new music compares to where she came from.


With Remy, you know you are getting real. She has been through the classic criminal past it seems like you need to blend with every other rap artist, spending six years behind bars before being released in 2011. Although she might not look like a “Barbie” she still serves up sex appeal, yet remains classy, until you diss her a few times, then she fires shots ruthlessly with no remorse. As far as flow and wordplay go, Remy’s got it and not due to the help of others. She has raw, real talent. That’s what makes her stand out a bit more, the real shit, especially because right now, being yourself and keeping it real is a trend.

The sad part about the beef between them, just like with Drake and Meek, there can only be one winner and it’s usually by popular vote opposed to talent. Poor Meek could slaughter Drake in a battle, but let’s face it.. there will never be a battle and unfortunately for Meek, he has lost his fight due to Drake’s cult-like following.



At first, I saw the same fate for Remy. Yeah, she put out “shETHER,” but she didn’t have rights to the song and that was embarrassing.  Yet, Nicki’s wack bars and Remy’s strong comeback set her up to end Nicki’s 7-year streak as “Best Female Hip Hop Artist” at this year’s BET Awards. That had to feel like the ultimate one up especially while she is still fresh off of her epic Summer Jam performance.

To be honest, I just want the back and forth to be over. Mainly because I’m tired of Nicki’s unimpressive work as of late. It doesn’t seem like it’s quite over yet though. Of course, after Remy’s win at the BET Awards, Nicki dissed her again during her NBA Award show performance.

Who knows when this will ever be over? Who do you think deserves to take the crown?

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