Expect Some New Jadakiss and Fab This Fall, Maybe…

Since 2016 we have all been patiently, some of us impatiently, waiting for Fab and Jadakiss to drop their joint project, Freddy vs. Jason. We waited and waited, then we thought it was around the corner when they dropped a song back in January with Bryson Tiller, “Rapture,” but still nothing came. So, we waited some more.

Now, half way through the year and after some of us lost faith, Fab has blessed us with some new news on the project.

At the NBA Awards, he told Billboard,

“We’re just working really, man. We’re not rushing the process, for one. I didn’t really think it was a summer project, though,” Fab said. “After we got past winter, I was like, ‘This is not a summer project.’ This is one of those grime projects and we’re looking towards the fall again.”

He says another reason we’ve been waiting is that quite frankly, they aren’t rushing and they are waiting for the right time, possibly Halloween. He commented,

“Also, Halloween is coming around. That would be a cool little twist, too, but there’s no rush to it,” he continued. “We’re just taking our time and I think it’s something that people are going to take advantage of no matter when it comes. Of course, you don’t want to wait forever for it. We don’t want to Detox the situation, but we definitely don’t want to rush it and people be like, ‘Ugh. This is what you guys did after all that time. We’re gonna handle it though.”

The only thing is, this ‘expected’ date is just that, an anticipated and tentative date which is not guaranteed. I guess it gives us something to look forward to though. For now, we have “Rapture” and Fab’s latest song with XXL Freshman, PnB Rock which you can hear below:

Are you guys over the wait or do you have some more patience remaining?

Keep checking in for more updates on new music, the latest videos, and underground artists!

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