DJ Khaled’s ‘Grateful’ Hits #1 on Billboard

Although I just wrote a less than pleased review on Grateful which you can read here, Khaled just secured another #1 album on Billboard’s Hot 200 chart. His first came with last year’s album, Major Key.

Released just over a week ago, the album has already done numbers, especially when considering the individual singles. “I’m The One” is already double platinum, “Wild Thoughts” is probably on its way, and a couple other songs are sitting high on Billboard’s charts.

No, the album may not be FULL of hits, but let’s remember the feature list and how far Khaled has come. This album was named exactly how the Miami DJ feels, ‘Grateful’, and for that, no one can hate it’s #1.

For a while now Khaled has been consistent in dropping 1 album a year and putting in that work, so only time will tell what’s next. Hopefully he will bless us with fewer and more noteworthy songs, but for now, we can settle for this.

What did you guys think of the album compared to Major Key and his other previous works? Let me know in the comments below!

Oh! Don’t forget to check out my latest collab with a fellow blogger in Charlotte, Anders. You can check out his latest Street Sessions with ME by clicking this link!

Thanks for all of the continued support and love!


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