JAY Releases Part 2 Footnotes For ‘4:44’

Early this week JAY-Z dropped a part one to #5 on his album, ‘4:44’, which featured a nostalgic past, subliminal visuals, and tributes to Bey. Of course, it is a Tidal exclusive so you will find it hard to catch it anywhere else, but there are a few ways around getting a free trial subscription.


Obviously, if you’ve never used Tidal before, you can snag a free 30-day subscription, but as of recently, another option has come about. Apparently, the Verizon guy isn’t the only one involved with Sprint. Since the phone company bought part of Tidal, you can also receive a free 6-month trial as part of your contract.

Now that you’ve logged into your account and are all settled into Tidal’s cozy VIP experience, it’s time to check out these videos JAY has been dropping. Of course, if you use any sort of internet, you’ve seen “The Story Of O.J.” Earlier this week he released Part 1 to his profound song “4:44” and last night, June 10th, JAY released Part 2 as footnotes to the song.


Featuring Meek Mill, Will Smith, Chris Rock, JAY-Z himself, and more, these men dive into the deep topic of relationships and personal experience. The video lasts right over 11 minutes and gets straight raw and to the point real quick! It is amazing to watch such a group from wide varieties of pasts and current careers get together and discuss what people like to brush under the rug; cheating/lying and it’s  personal effects on their relationships.

If you didn’t watch the first part first, you clearly have some catching up to do, but either way, you’re only gonna catch it on Tidal for now. Yet, wait another week and you’ll likely be able to catch it elsewhere.


If you’re not bout to add Tidal to your list of unneeded life expenses, you can always watch “The Story Of O.J.” here while you wait.

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