JAY-Z’ 4:44 Now On Apple Music


If you haven’t already heard the album, which is doubtful due to how many Americans streamed it illegally, it’s now released on Apple Music; and for that, JAY, we are thankful.

It has finally come one week after 4:44’s release on Tidal. Which isn’t too uncommon after a week of exclusivity. Yet, that didn’t come before it went platinum, making JAY-Z the leading artist with most platinum records. Now that he has earned his 13th plaque, although, by unconventional means, we can all enjoy the fruits of his hard work, cheating past, and jewels of knowledge. Even better, now we can listen on Apple Music and spare ourselves of the extra streaming subscription.

If you didn’t know, he also dropped two correlating videos for the songs “The Story of O.J.” and “4:44” respectfully. You can check out “The Story of O.J.” below. The “4:44” video is only a Tidal exclusive for now, but in a week or two we can probably expect that to drop on YouTube as well.

You can click here for JAY-Z’ break down of each song!

Keep checking back for more updates on album releases and specifically 4:44.


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