Beyonce Finally Drops 1 Month Pics Of The Twins

Beyonce must think she is slick, dropping the pic at midnight. Either way, we are more than accepting of her brand new edition to the world. This is as epic as when the Royals have children in the UK, except even better, these are the twins of Beyonce and JAY-Z!

She dropped a Bey classic, capturing the pure essence of her beauty, with bright garden colors, and of course, her two precious and tiny twins in front of her gorgeous Malibu rental.

I find it amazing how much control the Carter’s have over the media. They may be the only couple who releases things when they want them seen, they make statements when THEY want to, and of course, in this case, they reveal THEIR children when THEY want to. Which is only fair and also demonstrates some major self-control.

We got a little surprise with the names Rumi and Sir Carter, both amazingly beautiful names, yet unexpected none the less. Those names weren’t the ones circulating around all the rumor reports. What’s more interesting than the surprising names are the names themselves. Knowing Bey they have some sort of underlying meanings right?

Well, the origin of Rumi comes from a Muslim poet and scholar from the 13th century and one of the most famous poets in the United States. Sir is a little bit easier to understand, but the question is: Is his first name Sir or Sir Carter? Knowing Beyonce, everything is planned out and well executed. Therefore, it can only be expected his first name is exactly what she said, Sir Carter. So that must mean the twins are Rumi Carter and Sir Carter Carter? Interesting….

Now that she has satiated her fans though, it’s probably time to go off the map for a while more as she continues her journey mothering these twins. It’s doubtful she will immediately address the name question, but I am hoping for some pics of Blue and the twins soon!

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