(REVIEW) JAY-Z’s 4:44: It’s More Than An Album

If you have any sort of internet connection, not only have you heard the new JAY-Z album 4:44, but you’ve also heard all the hate and praises that came along with it.

Some artists are taking offense to his intricately crafted masterpiece for many reasons. Mainly JAY-Z’s money phone verse from “The Story Of OJ” faced the most slack. “Ya’ll on the ‘Gram holdin’ money to your ear. There’s a disconnect, we don’t call that money over here, yeah” is the famous line that had 50 Cent, Lil Boosie, and Future all talking. Unfortunately, although as true as it maybe, people don’t want to hear that right now.

The good thing about people talking though is that people were talking. Any talk is good publicity when it comes to album promotion. Another way JAY-Z executed some great promotional skills was through his partnership with Sprint. From that deal alone, JAY earned his 13th platinum album in only five days, making him the top artist with most platinum albums to date.

Aside from the big wave the project cause though, it was still an amazing project on its own. Short and sweet with only 10 songs, the project last 36 minutes, but still touches on some major issues in our community. From checking priorities to speaking on his infidelity, JAY opened up about the real shit nobody really talks about anymore.

In “Smile” he references his mother’s sexuality and life growing up in fear of judgment. My favorite song “The Story of OJ” speaks on what I brought up before, priorities. With lines referencing the money phone and then verses like this one, “You wanna know what’s more important than spending money at the strip club? Credit,” you know JAY is coming direct to touch a few confused souls out here. In case you haven’t already seen that video, you can watch it now right here on the site!

In the song “4:44,” he opens up about his adultery in his marriage to Beyonce, but really lets us into his experience with the correlating videos. You can check out part 1 to the “4:44” video here, but stay tuned in because the “part 2/footnotes” should be dropping on YouTube for everyone this Friday as well.

Right now, his “footnotes” are only available on Tidal, so if you are lacking a subscription, or don’t have a friend whose account you’re using, you are out of the loop. He goes deep into issues we find ourselves often facing in relationships, humanizing some of our favorite celebrities in the best of ways! Actor Jessie Williams opened up about his infidelity in his 13 year relationship and Will Smith was featured, among many other big names in the industry. The video last right over 11 minutes and acts as a wonderful platform to bring more open discussions into relationshipEvery song holds its own on the album and there are only a few features. Damien Marley pops up on his hit song “Bam” and if you have Tidal, you already know it’s video is out too! Gloria Carter, his mother, pops up on her tribute song and Beyonce on “Family Feud.” Last but not least, Frank Ocean also appears on track 4, “Caught Their Eyes.”

Being that the album only lasts less than 40 minutes and has wonderful production, it is an easy listen.

Overall this album is completely what our times need. Encouragement, knowledge, and prosperity. I know some people weren’t feeling the album, but are you part of the select few who don’t? Let me know in the comments below!


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