Meek Dropped His Full Movie For ‘Wins and Losses’

Have you guys already heard Meek’s new album Wins and Losses?

He just dropped it everywhere on Friday (July 21st) and although you can catch a full review later this week, overall, it was fire. Of course not neccessarily filled with club bangers, if you appreciate lyrisism, you will appreciate this album.

As you probably already know, Meek started releasing chapters for his movie last week, building up the hype for his upcoming release. Pretty quickly, each chapter dropped; and with each “chapter” came even more heat of anticipation. Before Wins and Losses hit the streets, each “chapter” had already gained over half a million views individually.

Now, Meek and his team have dropped the full version, which totals right over 26 minutes. It would be pointless to watch it all over again with out something new though, right? That’s why they added an extended ending, giving us even more reason to watch!

Regardless of watching every chapter more than once, I viewed this movie more than once as well!

Some super effort and a nice budget was definitely put behind this entire Wins and Losses project, which is most appreciated by us music heads out there.


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