Taylor Bennett: A Name You Should Get To Know

Most of us know of Taylor’s older brother and don’t even know it. They almost look like twins, so I am sure by the picture you can guess who it is, Chance The Rapper! Going for a more simpler name, Taylor Bennett isn’t one to be slept on. Sadly, as we all know in life, it’s hard to outshine your siblings, especially when the shine is already on them.

That wasn’t a problem for me because I was the oldest and wisest and coolest child (Sorry Lynz I still love you, kisses**), but I still recognize the truth of the statement. Being that that is true, and also because I like his music just the same, I figured I would dedicate a special piece to a deserving artist with a nice backstory.

Straight from Chicago, Taylor Bennett is a rapper with lyrical, quirky talent and a strong confidence to be himself. When you first give his music a listen, you may be quick to compare, but once you’ve heard a few of his thought inducing songs, you’ll catch on to the differences, especially in cadence.

He has been in this music game for a while now, since 2013, and has released 5 projects in that 4-year time frame. His first project, The Taylor Bennett Show, was a self-released, 8 song mixtape. With no features and available on Datpiff and Spinrilla, this mixtape is exactly what to expect from a budding artist, but he’s improved exponentially with each project since.

Every project, including his 2015 studio album, Broad Shoulders, was produced by his self-titled label, Tay Bennett Entertainment. If you’re looking to hear some of his best work, you can obviously notice his growth from his most recent work, but Broad Shoulders is a sure go to and you can watch a short he made for the song below! This song is the perfect song to ease your way into this new artist, but there is a slew of songs with major replay potential.

His most recent project is Restoration of An American Idol, was released earlier this year in February and features some well-known artists including XXL Freshman Kyle, Lil Yachty, and Chance The Rapper. The mixtape has an upbeat feel with songs that send vibes all over the place. One of his solo tracks off the project, “Roof Gone,” has a video which released last month. You can watch below and listen to Restoration of an American Idol on Apple Music.

Now, Taylor has taken to IG to let all of his fans know his writer’s block is over, so we can expect an album soon! For now, you can listen to some of his new tracks on SoundCloud.


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