Jaquae: An Emerging Artist From Harlem

Starting as a background dancer and moving his way into songwriting, Jaqaue has proved himself as not only talented but hard working as well. Although he’s been in this industry for a while now, in the past few years he has put critical focus into his own music, boosting his fan base and increasing his reach.

This Harlem rapper is more than what meets the eye. On his way up, he is continuously climbing the rungs toward success because “That’s HARR.” Meaning, in the words of Jaquae, “How you Apply yourself Reflects your Role,” and clearly, he keeps his song’s acronym at the forefront of his mind, because his grind stays on 10 and his role in music only becomes more promenint by the day.

I was able to witness his grind last month during the Fleet DJ Music Conference and was more than impressed by his active performance, bold crowd interaction, and catchy lyrics. He took his performance to the next level by utilizing not only the whole stage, but moving out into the crowd, interacting with his fans and and catching my attention. He instantly got my support and I knew I had to dive deeper into the music of the man who had everyone singing along to his music.

Now, I feel like it’s my duty to inform all of you, so I did a little research and familiarized myself with his discography and history as an artist.

If you are confused about where the “That’s HARR” refernce came from earlier, you’ve been sleeping, but so was I until last month, and it’s time to wake up! Luckily, I’m here to shake you into awareness. You can catch his video for the 2014 release below and then keep reading, because there’s much more to come.

One of my favorite songs Jaquae has out right now is “My Pieces Hittin”. Even though it was dropped earlier last year, it’s lyrically timeless and fun. In the video below, you’ll see how the Harlem artist brings his goofy demeanor on set, but there’s nothing funny about the song’s topic, money!

The feel good song will have you singing along in a heart beat and you may notice your toes tapping, so if you aren’t in the mood to be entertained and full of the right vibes, DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO! It’s bound to change your mood and have you dancing!

The last song of his I’m gonna tell you about dropped this year, 2017. With this song, Jaquae has released his personal ode to the sexy, independent woman. This definitely goes down in my top 10 songs I am playing right now and for good reason. His word play is just too smooth in this song. From the start he goes in, “They allergic to the dairy, can’t get cheddar with them. They just prayin on your downfall to get satisfaction. It’s the same ones in your section gettin’ they snap lit, that’s a doozy.” There isn’t a video out, YET, but I’m sure we can expect to see one drop this year.

His shine is noticed by more than just his fans though. He has cosigns from Young M.A., Papoose, and Cardi B. You can check out Papoose’s video for “Back On My Bullshit” which features Fat Joe and Jaquae below.

I’ll let his music speak for himself, but, as I’m sure you can tell, Jaquae has a natural talent for creating music, putting on a show, and intriguing his audience.

You can find his music on Spotify, Google Play, and iTunes, but before you go download all his music, let me know what you think about Jaquae’s music in the comments!

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